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How to Prevent Pregnancy Naturally For Couple

How to Prevent Pregnancy Naturally For Couple - Many people who crave pregnancy especially for married couples. But for some reason there are some husbands and wives who choose to delay pregnancy. There are various reasons that background it is like still studying, want to develop a career, not ready mentally and financially, or because of health problems. Therefore you have to do things to delay pregnancy. In general there are two ways to delay pregnancy is natural and conventional. Naturally can be done by drinking potions or have sex with calendar system. While the conventional can with injectables, condoms, or other medical drugs.
Here's how to prevent pregnancy naturally you can do, including:


In some areas are still dominated by traditional customs. Many use turmeric as a way to prevent pregnancy. Turmeric can be used as a herbal medicine that makes you not get pregnant until the specified time. The trick to take 2 pieces of turmeric for pinkie. Then roasted over the fire, lest the burning turmeric. After that clean charcoal turmeric, and saffron mash until smooth. Add salt to taste and water one glass of starfruit. Squeeze and strain the pulp turmeric collision. Drink herbal turmeric once a day. In the morning or evening, you can certainly delay the first pregnancy.

Betel Leaf

How to prevent further pregnancies naturally is by using a betel leaf sirih.daun may delay your pregnancy because your ovaries will not work well. The trick grab 5 betel leaves that are not too old, 2 pieces kencur knuckles, 2 pieces of turmeric. 5 leaves key, and water 1 tablespoon whiting. Wash all the ingredients you use, then mashed into one until smooth. Squeeze all the ingredients to produce approximately one cup. Squeeze by using hot water. Or you can boil with 2 cups of water, until the remaining 1 cup only. Then add water whiting. Drink 2 to 3 times a week at a time before eating or when they want to have sex.


This is a way to prevent pregnancy is widely used by the ancients as a natural contraceptive. The trick to take ¼ yeast, half a cup of hot water, 3 drops of vinegar, 1 teaspoon pepper. Mix all ingredients together until evenly distributed. Drink this concoction for about four days late period or when you want to have sex. With this potion you will menstrual smoothly and you also can postpone pregnancy.

Those are some natural ways to prevent pregnancy with traditional medicines. But it is rarely used. Especially herbal medicine by using yeast. Because yeast is very harmful to the body, my advice is better to use the conventional way because it is safer for the body and your health. The traditional way is more natural, but sometimes is not good for our bodies. Thus delaying pregnancy naturally, hopefully can help you all.

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